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Safety Flare Flashlight

R$ 149,90
R$ 49,90

ARE YOU PREPARED FOR AN EMERGENCY – Your son, daughter or grandchild new to driving? Do not worry! Our DOT Compliant LED flares are the perfect gift to make them safer. A must-have for young drivers, friends and family.

Travel safely with a Warning LED Light on hand! When you have to stop on the highway because of an obstacle, warn other drivers so that they slow down and stop their vehicles in time. It is also a lifesaver when you need to send an SOS signal. Give yourself a greater peace of mind with this powerful light!

The LED road flares are shatterproof, crushproof and rainproof, a must have for car trunk emergency or bicycle emergency

  • [Super Visibility] This Emergency warning lights have a visual range of 360 degrees to 1 mile, which can be used as traffic control, warning lights, rescue beacons, and any other emergency and recreational camping and hiking activities.

  • With 9 different flashing modes it gets you noticed one mile at night and half a mile during the day. Use the 3 white LEDs as a flashlight or warning light. Avoid danger and get help!

  • made of environmental protection durable ABS material makes them crush-proof, shockproof, vibration resistant, and waterproof. Each LED Road Flare is coated with waterproof IP67 rated material to keep the electronics safe

A Perfect Emergency Kit to keep in the trunk of family vehicles for Roadside emergencies and distress situations. (We recommend AAA batteries to these LED road flares light, (BATTERIES NOT INCLUDED).

  • 9 flash patterns
  • 16 super-bright LED lights provide 360 visibility
  • Can be seen up to 3000 feet away
  • Waterproof, unsinkable, non-flammable
  • Polycarbonate/TPE poly housing
  • 4.25" diameter
  • CR123A battery is good for 10 years

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